Nick Heidfeld

Team: BMW Sauber
Age: 32
Debut: Australia '00
Starts: 166
Best result: 2nd
Poles: 1
Fastest laps: 2
'08 position: 6th

Keen to rebound from a poor season after struggling to get the F1.08 working properly in qualifying, Heidfeld will be looking to reclaim some of the limelight from his team-mate this year. Motivation and self-confidence have never been a problem for the pragmatic German, so if the F1.09 proves more to his liking than its predecessor then he will be looking to capitalise.

Heidfeld's qualifying woes in 2008 proved a distraction from the team, as it devoted much testing time and effort into getting the German back on the pace. Ironically it could be that his smooth style, which caused those problems last year, could pay dividends this season in helping him to look after the troublesome rear tyres.