Sebastian Vettel

Team: Red Bull-Renault
Age: 21
Debut: USA '07
Starts: 42
Wins: 4
Poles: 5
Fastest laps: 2
'08 position: 8th

His reputation as one of the most 'mediagenic' drivers on the grid, coupled with evidence of tremendous pace, has made Vettel flavour of the month amongst the F1 press. The promotion from Toro Rosso to RBR brings more responsibility and, perhaps, more politics, as well as a strong team-mate.

Vettel grew a great deal during his season and a half with Toro Rosso, and that fantastic win in the rain at Monza last year showed he was ready to take on the big guys. If he can rekindle the kind of harmony he achieved inside Toro Rosso with the much bigger Red Bull team, then there will be plenty more wins to come.